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Little Busters!



default, tonari

and yet

etched on my chest
is a red-blood rose
and yet
in this heart burns
a naked love



May 21st, 2019

Friendship goals

default, tonari

The Tomo Shikaku is on twitter, you can find us at these handles.

November 9th, 2018

One taught me

default, tonari

One taught me love pastel_pure
One taught me patience nattokinase
One taught me pain (chibi_batosai)

June 26th, 2015

I am an anison dinosaur

thinker, hmm
So, it's been bothering me as of late, and it all started from a sudden revelation.

One of the more recent posts here was me idolising I've Sound (and I will for the rest of my life) but specifically their golden era. i.e. mid-00s, when they made songs that talk about sex and desolation for the games that have them and they never ever gave a shit which made their songs great and with meaning, although how moral the meanings are would be open to discussion. Right, but that's not saying I hate the new I've. I bought their latest compilation album (Evidence Nine) and Yuzuno is a good singer imo.

But that's not what I'm talking about here. When it comes to anime songs, for the past 2-3 years I try to listen to many of them but most of them are just, plain, meh. I miss the days when Maaya would make me awestruck, and same goes to AliPro, Makkun, even Nana. And that's just the singers that I like. It's gotten really hard for me to listen to either the new Lantis singers such as Sayaka Sasaki, or the Sony Music lineup of LiSA/Eir/Luna/Konomi/Aimer etc, I might like one song but the rest can't match up to my expectations.

The past few years only one new singer caught my heart and that is Iori Nomizu, whom I discovered has a voice quality similar to an 80's Malay singer who my RL self enjoyed listening to when I was a kid. The same period saw my interest to Yuinyan and Ayane wane, due to their substandard new material.

So it meant that I play songs that are at least 5 years old in my car. I begin to realise that if I was to go to a karaoke bar with anison, people would rile me for not knowing how to sing Vocaloid, Love Live, Pretty Rhythm, Precure, MomoClo, new Imas, even AKB48 which I despise for no specific reason. I popped an 8-year-old mixCD in my player this morn and I enjoyed the ride, singing every line of stuff like Casting Dice. Then it struck me.

I am a dinosaur.

I can make the excuse that new anison is crap, but no I gotta be honest: I'm not keeping up. Usually it takes 2-3 anime seasons for me to filter what I like and maaaybe t/l it. Takes either a week or a decade. No wonder I'm not famous.

But is this true, do a lot of you actually cling on to some of the old tunes from long ago? Or do you keep up with the latest songs for the ones I mentioned?

But whatever you do, don't hybrid me. I may wreck the island.

April 15th, 2015

I've moved to my sister's apartment which is only a 10-minute drive from my workplace (Japanese embassy, if you recall) so that I can spend more time at home rather than waiting for the perpetual traffic jam to die down at the old joint. Usually I spend an hour before and more than an hour after at work, fiddling with my iPad.

Speaking of iPad I am just damned crazy with iOS games now. It's like the Facebook game cycle I had previously, but now that it's in a portable device I'm just gaming all the time. There's one difference: while I never try to pay a cent for any of those FB games, I am more than happy to pay for the iOS ones because hey, the companies are Japanese and they deserve it. The illustrations are gorgeous if not sexy, and the gameplay's real fun. My Ange Vierge guild has a lot of kind people around...

I bought a PS4 with my brother lately but even after so long, I can't really find anything to play on the console. Maybe Disgaea 5 when it comes out, but I'm only at home at the weekends and something as epic as the Disgaea series shouldn't be for people with no time at all. Never finished one, not even 2...

But alas! I found... Senran Kagura Estival Versus! Senran girls are gorgeous (my fave is Hibari), but the anime was cringe-inducing. This game is liek all bewbs but I hope it's not as er... deceptive as that PS2 Ikkitousen game was. I mean, playing it was all serious and button-mashy and you don't have time to enjoy the tittilation. (DoA has the same thing IMO).

I'm -still- trying to get azuradio to work. Now that I have personal space and time, I should try putting up a song or two. The only thing that bothers me is the editing program, if there's something like Adobe Audition (and not so tacky as Audacity) please tell me!

Anyway, if anyone's reading this then hey~ Azu-chan's still alive. Drop me a message on twitter or plurk or something, I'm kinda easy to get hold of.

August 5th, 2014

On my way to work from home today at 5:45am I had my old I've CD in the player and the sound of hallucino playing against the misty dawn struck something inside me and I began to think...

What was in the old, golden-era I've that made me love them so much? If you erase my memory and force me to listen to AKI I'd cringe, her voice was so plain. But as it stands I still can recollect every line from all her I've songs. Takase and Nakazawa are like audio gods to me. I still yearn the days when every new I've song was met with great, great expectation, downloading those short versions and demo movies from Holyseal, and everytime KOTOKO puts out the newest of her 200-plus golden-era songs, they were all brilliant. Save a few, yes, but I was so into I've that I made songfics out of them, trying to make sense of the cryptic lines and expanding them into a narration. (I laugh hysterically if I read them now though).

From I've, I met a lot of I've freaks, some I still keep in touch with. Half of my four angels are I've fans. otaru_lime saw KOTOKO live a few times and you don't know how jealous I am. The only direct connection I had with them was a tweet reply from a short-lived album promo account.

Other I've facts include:

- I did a Name That I've Tune on niconico and got 29/30 correct. They included pre-eroge music trance tracks, one of them was Luding Out which I recognised.
- I was challenged by tatos (some enigmatic character in my S'porean circle) to name the theme for Birthday, if I was really the I've Master that I claimed during a discussion. I promptly answered Watashi wa Uta ga Heta (a very rare KOTOKO/Kaori duet) and he puts his hand up and acknowledged me.
- My first eroge ever was Snow Drop, and it had SHIHO's Ever stay snow as its opening theme.
- I could play the keyboard solo for the song mentioned above.
- Having Yuinyan covering KOTOKO jihad for the I've cover album means that my two most favourite singers sang the same song.
- I stilll translate golden I've. Last year I did DROWNING.
- I regged and operated what was an official Iveblog irc channel for a bit. Problem was, Aibu didn't put it on Rizon, which was such a dumb move. I could've even had yuno in it together and we would've been a big I've freak family.
- I'm planning to stick the I've logo on my car, after road tax renewal next month.
- I can't stand KOTOKO singing with a non-I've composer. It made me hate the very generic solfa to the core. Her stuff with ryo are borderline for me.

What about the future? The second Budokan live had the tagline "Departed to the future" but, well, leaving the past behind in the form of MOMO and SHIHO, who I thought were irreplaceable (former) and under-utilized (latter). Now that the core has all left except Mami (MELL was spirited away for the same unknown reasons AKI had) the people who are left to carry on are troubling. LSP are great but their solo acts are horrible. Ray... is good, but she falls into the new but uninteresting anison singer category for me (along with ChouCho, annabel, etc.). But hey, when KOTOKO left we thought it was the end of an era but alas, 3 months later, she collaborates with Takase for a "non-I've utahime" song.

So they've all departed, but remain somewhat deep inside. The tunes, they still make me believe.

October 29th, 2012

Hi LJ. I turned 28.

thinker, hmm
I feel old. I guess it's around 2 years left of 青春 or youth that I can spend and then the big 30s. By then, I would probably have created my first eroge, sung a few songs and expanded my fantasy universe to publishing status... but if only I wasn't such a procrastinator.

So what's making me write on this forsaken place? Is it 'cause of my brand spanking-new Dell laptop? Is it because my f-page nowadays has a 3-day gap without any entries? Is it to tell the world that I'm working at the Japanese embassy of my country, making me a paid Japanese government worker? Is it because I'm taking JLPT N1 in December without any real preparation (but I should...)?

Well, I miss you guys that's all.

Devoted to work half my time on weekdays and to my PS3 at weekends (is DOA5 worth buying?), I feel whatever online social life I have is quickly eroding away. Even though it shaped what better part of the last decade or so in my life. They say make the effort, since I can't be reached by IMs much anymore and surprisingly soon to be anonymous on IRC too. But... at least I wanna get in touch with you in writing. LJ doesn't seem to be a good enough place, so here's my FB for goodness sake, I don't think my real name is that much of a scary thing anymore... I have a plurk and tumblr too, the tumblr is a bit less Azu-chan and more into my AzureDark guise though.

So... an update entry is what this is I guess. Did I ever mention making the effort to write more LJ entries in the past? See how lazy I am?

December 10th, 2011

I guess being dead tired does make me think a lot more and try to put stuff into words?

I got shingles last month, straight after hurting my leg and a nasty flu that busted my lymph nodes (which activated the sleeping virus). The shingles got into my eye and it got swollen and was stabbing a fork at me when I sleep. Worst thing, the national pharmacy ran out of shingles cream (but thankfully not the eye ointment so my eye was saved). It was so hard to force myself to sleep on one side because the virus can hop across and into the other eye if I wasn't careful... This was all on my birthday ~_~

Despite being a huge Sonic the Hedgehog fan I didn't care much about his recent escapades (being the old-school 2D platformer lover I am, him turning 3D was a blasphemy to me (yet I did buy a Dreamcast ONLY for Sonic Adventure)), I greeted Sonic 4 news with sheer glee but since it was DLC or something, I kinda let it pass me by. But now there's Sonic Generations, some combination of old and new, and I kinda fancied myself to play it and bought it (also no thanks to my brother who took away Winning Eleven wth him offshore). I seriously enjoyed the thing, what with old and new Sonic having 2D areas to play with. The 2D platformer freak in me is so happy and satisfied. I think I'mma try LBP2 next. LBP is so fun that I finished it myself on a rental period per se.

Also, being the yuri fanboy I am I was so stupid not to have watched YuruYuri when it aired. I marathoned it recently, and it was lovely. Akari is the "main character" but is so bland that it's a recurring joke that she fades away or gets obscured despite being the lead char. I think that's bullshit, because on her own, Akari has that cute charm and silly demeanor, and not to mention her cute voice by some rookie seiyuu (too many these days...) called Shiori Mikami. But what moves the series is NOT the antics of Kyouko but Chitose's MugiVision™, plus her kissing barrage in the last ep that forced Ayano to kiss her love interest Kyouko. (Most people want KyoYui since they're like RitsuMio tho (can never get used to people calling them "Mitsu"...). Sakurako and Himawari (SakuHima) pairing is really nice, they have no rivals and they're like, polar opposites and as we all know, opposites attract. (If Himawari wasn't such a dyke I'd hit her for that hawt rack of hers...)

I'm on the brink of making a big decision. A very sad decision, something I cried a whole night over...

October 12th, 2011

So it's just after 4AM and I can't sleep, despite playing futsal (indoor soccer) last night (finally getting a good performance), but things have been very slow. Oh, and my ex-best friend from high school is getting hitched this weekend. We were so close, wonder what happened. Not that I'll miss the event, cause I'm honestly really happy for him...

Got my copy of Winning Eleven 2012 lately too, it has improved in some vital gameplay areas, but like EVERY new version, some controls have changed, which means re-mastering for about 1 month or two before I kick the AI's butt on the highest difficulty setting (and still suck against human players). Oh, and did I mention WE data editing is for me one of the most painstaking yet enjoyable things in life? Especially when you're a diehard soccer fan who can't stand it when the roster for a club in Finland is not up to date.

Enough about soccer. My anime preferences has all but narrowed into only accepting no-strings-attached ones, like Lucky Star and Nichijou in the last 2 seasons. Nichijou is crack. I'd fit perfectly in their world. Honestly, I don't get taken aback when dumb things and weird happenings just pop out in Nichijou. Or I guess I'm just a messed-up individual. This season though, I dunno which is the nutcase anime. Ben-Too? Maybe. Is that a pun on Ben Hur?

Now that the coast is clear, I shall do the manly thing and officially announce what is the worst-kept secret about Azu-chan for almost 4 years now. Yes, I am the admin of AnimeLyrics.com. However, my Light will never shine again. I want to stress the latter part because I'll never forget about us, the old AL community, you guys will live inside me till I die. But, I've always dreamed of being a song translator and setting the right kind of standards for lyrics translations and romanizations. I can't just abandon it like that. I hope that some of you hardline ex-AL members and now AL-anons would understand.

One final thing to note, I am fancying about doing NaNoWriMo this year, but it's only 20-80. I haven't wrote fiction for so friggin long I doubt if I can manage even a thousand words. Also, sadly you won't get to read it if I ever get it done because it's based on something IRL...

February 15th, 2011

Eternal Wish

thinker, hmm
So my anison translation career(?) took a huge step today when I mentioned to Saori Sakura that I was t/ling Eternal Wish (it was unintentional...), and got a reply from her to say she was interested in seeing it. It was part of a failed mini-marathon on V-Day so I didn't finish it, but this morning I was shocked at her reply. She wrote the song, so naturally she'd be curious, but if I do this, it'll be my first 公認, or official recognition, of sorts.

This came just after the elation that Juri Anekouji (newbie seiyuu) followed me back. But this time, I have mixed reactions.

I'm beginning to question myself whether I'm really good at this-- no, whether it's okay for me to do this in the first place. No it's not about legality or any other kind of thing. I'm always a humble t/ler in the first place, I have lots of slumps and writer's blocks, I respect a lot of other translators and accept that they are all better than me in lots of ways. But the thing is that what I percieve may be totally different than most others who know and love the song and what it means, and more importantly, what the original lyricist wanted to tell.

I've trashed out bad song translation habits like LBL and I do extensive research of anything I'm not familiar with beforehand like all good translators do, but like we all know, songs are vague in many sorts of ways and there is no exact answer to what the line means. So I may have picked the wrong one, and that spells imminent doom - people will rely on my t/l blindly.

When I think about it, maybe that's the reason why I don't do anime songs as much, if you look at my list. I'm afraid of being blamed for the wrong delivery. I'll always admire people who can take this on the chin, people like Atashi t/l TV-size OP/EDs and grab the early attention. When the single comes out, just do the whole thing, and say "ignore the earlier t/l".

And now that a more superior translator has come to share my admin job at AL I feel like getting whirled to the backburner.

EDIT I did it!!!

December 20th, 2010

( ゚д゚)

default, tonari
Since I'm only gonna write about 12-15 entries a year (and I'm leaving my layout for ded) I decided that I'm no longer gonna be an LJ paid member starting next year.

It's been so long since I'm here. No I'm not gonna go, but... I still remember those days when otaru_lime would post every single day. What's he up to these days? Finished his JS degree in Australia prematurely and is now preoccupied with DDO.

Yes I still know my *cough* partner inside out but I am not gonna get sucked into the bottomless pit that is MMO gaming. FB games already consume a lot of my time, so the thought is darn scary.
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